Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortillas

Tortillas de Harina or Tortilla, in spanish it mean “small torta” or “small cake” and to make it more simple is a type of soft, thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour.

Flour Tortillas are commonly prepared for use with meat, mashed potatoes, cheese and other ingredients to make dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas.

Tip: Serve hot tortillas in the woven basket wrapped in the cotton cloth with keeps the tortillas warm.

Packaging List

Product DescriptionPacking/UnitsOrigin
Four Tortillas 06″20 x 6pcs
Four Tortillas 08″20 x 6pcsUSA
Four Tortillas 10″20 x 6pcsUSA
Four Tortillas 12″20 x 6pcsUSA

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