Hot Sauces In Bottles

Hot Sauces In Bottles

Chipotle Chile (in Adobo Sauce) are smoked and dried Jalapeños rehydrated and canned in a sweet and tangy purée(of tomato, vinegar, garlic, spices), a heat packed sauce but with plenty of balance ingredients. The sauce can be used as a solo seasoning for any TexMex cusines.

You want deeply flavored, smoky, and rich real-deal Texas chili? Chipotles are the answer. They also add incredible depth to braises like barbecue and chicken tinga, both of which are ready tacos.

Warning : Wash hands with soap and rinse properly, after you come in contact with Chipotle Chile (Sauce).

Packaging List

Product DescriptionPacking/UnitsOrigin
Green Jalapeno Peppers Hot Sauce12 x 226mlUSA/Mexico
Chipotle Chile Hot Sauce12 x 226ml
Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce12 x 226mlUSA/Mexico
Ancho Pepper Hot Sauce12 x 226mlUSA/Mexico
Habanero Chile Hot Sauce12 x 226mlUSA/Mexico

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