Little bit about Tex Mex Specialty

Tex-Mex…a combination of the words “Texan” and “Mexican,” refers to an adaptation of Mexican dishes by Texas cooks.

It is difficult to be precise as to what distinguishes Tex-Mex from true Mexican food, except to say that the variety of the latter is wider and more regional, whereas throughout the state and, now, throughout the entire United States.” Lovers of Food historians tells, TexMex cuisine originated centuries ago when Mexican/Spanish recipes combined with Anglo fare. TexMex, as it is know today.

TexMex eateries first surfaced outside the southwest region, in cities with large Mexican populations. The gourmet Tex Mex began in the 1970s and this cuisine appealed to the younger generation.

TexMex food might be described as native foreign food, contradictory through that term may seem, It is native, for it does not exist elsewhere; it was born on this soil. But it is foreign in that its inspiration came from an alien cuisine; that it has never merged into the mainstream of American cooking and remains alive almost solely in the region where it originated…”

Texas-Mexican restaurant owners considered it an insult. By a strange twist of fate, the insult launched a success. For the rest of the world, “Tex-Mex” had an exciting ring. It evoked images of cantinas, cowboys and the Wild West. Dozens of Tex-Mex restaurants sprang up in Paris, and the trend spread across Europe and on to Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Abu Dhabi.