Pepe’s Mexicana – The Tex Mex Specialist

An opportunity to explorer the texmex on a wider platform and the popularity of the cuisine an idea was hatch of a new brand for texmex cuisine. That evolution of Pepe’s Mexicana – “The Tex Mex Specialist” became the master plan of one of the food lover who is not Chef, who is not great in kitchen, who is not food taster, but who simply love food. Pepe’s Mexicana is the concept to get the TexMex food reach the people through Cuisine houses, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hypermarkets across the globe. From chili and nachos to fajitas and enchiladas, Tex-Mex could be called the ultimate comfort food.


Pepe’s Mexicana future plan is to launch the Tex Mex product line in the retail Hypermarkets and Supermarkets across the countries and to reach End-to-End user via chain of markets.


Our Catering line of products will be focused for HORECA segment for bulk use on commercial line. As the demand in the market is high the supply is below the average.

“Pepe’s Mexicana, the ultimate TexMex food specialist “

“Creating a friendly and reliable consumer brand for TexMex cuisine by becoming market experts with profession experienced leadership, while building strong relationships with our associate market partners.”


Our mission is to market and restore diversified Tex Mex food in a more simple, yet professional way and to be prime market leader for future world in the revolutionized food industry.